Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Myth of John Fare

With Extra City's latest exhibition "More Stories on Absence", the Myth of John Fare has surfaced once again. The exhibition piece is nothing more but a wide circulating text about John Fare and does not shed any light upon the person nor the myth of John Fare.
In 1985 I wrote to the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, where he supposedly had his entire right hand amputated on 17 september 1968. I got a letter back from Mr. Av Isaacs, director:

February 15, 1985

Dear Danny Devos,

Thank you for your letter of January 31st.

The story of John Fare which has managed to persist for almost twenty years now, has no factual basis. In the late '60's, I put on a series of mixed media concerts in my gallery, and that is where the rumour began. There was no such person as John Fare as far as I know.


Av Isaacs


Unknown said...


Tomasz Kaye said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to check up on this.

My hunch is that some of the people who are happy to talk about John Fare as if he existed do so because they are committed to the idea that historical truth doesn't exist, and that history is merely a set of competing narratives.

A lecture about John Fare is taking place in my town soon. I've just emailed the Bartlett School of Architecture, where John Frame is supposed to have studied briefly to check if they have a record of the name. I'll let you know if I receive a reply.

Tomasz Kaye said...

The records office of University College London (Which includes the Bartlett School of Architecture) replied saying they have no record of a John Fare as a former student.

Pjotr Pimmelow said...

Maybe DDV is John Fare, or DDV built a myth about the myth.

But who knows....its all magic.


Karakuri said...

Hi Danny, I've been researching John Fare of Recent. See wiki talk for updates. I'm 'karakuri'. I believe Craig used a derived date of 17 Sep 1968 (he plaguirised Shein's article). I believe Sheins article to be submitted in 1965, then published in 68. This corroborates that fact that all performances were on a Fri. 17 Sep 1968 is a Tuesday. Sadly I fear it is too late to ask Av about events 3 years earlier. Regards, Reuben