Saturday, February 24, 2007

Trash Bag Artist arrested in Antwerpen, Belgium

The Bastard Art Evening Post

ANTWERPEN - Last thursday an unidentified man was spotted at an Antwerp Art Space, dumping cut up artworks in trash bags in the back of the exhibition room.

The 47-year-old man was arrested after a tip from an eager contemporary art essayist, Hans Theys, who is organising an event The Moss Gathering Tumbleweed Experience at the forementioned artspace. He told reporters he had noticed the man carrying several bags with what seemed to be cut-up artworks from a blue station wagon with numberplate D79 DDV.
Mr. Theys remembered that there was a warrant out from the FBI in Florida for this vehicle, registered to a man named Voss and suspected of cutting up an artwork in New York and dumping it in trash bags nearby Brooklyn Bridge.


Upon his arrest the suspect had a pre-paid flight ticket for Montenegro, booked for sunday 25 feb 2007 at 15.30hrs. The investigators are still searching for the man's hideout, as until further notice he hasn't said a word to his interrogators. A special task force has set up a 24/24 surveillance round with webcams to watch all activity. Lieutenant Vaast Colson from this task force warns the public to take special care of suspicious bags that are left at any place, and invites everybody to come and watch the webcam images day and night through the window of his offices at 35/37 Museumstraat in Antwerpen.
Also on sunday 25 feb 2007 at 15.30hrs Lt. Colson and Mr. Theys will be available to answer all your questions at Museumstraat 35/37 Antwerpen. (st)

The Bastard Art Evening Post - Video evidence about the case